Bullhorn’s Integration with LinkedIn Boost’s Recruiter Productivity

Most modern recruiters generally use LinkedIn to meet all their recruitment needs. At the risk of stating the obvious, the task of a recruiter has never been easy. Moreover sourcing the right candidates at the right time isn’t easy either. But what if you had software or an application that could help you achieve accurate results within a short span of time? Would that change the recruiting process and affect the sourcing results you receive? Is a question that can best be understood by Bullhorn’s Integration with LinkedIn?

Well the answer to both these questions is fairly simple. But before we go into the nitty – gritty of the topic at hand, it is essential that we have a good understanding of what Bullhorn is?BullhornsIntegrationwithLinkedInning

So what is Bullhorn?
Bullhorn is software that can boost a recruiter’s task by stream lining their search. Bullhorn comprises of two important aspects that play a combined role in achieving accurate and relevant results. It uses the Applicant Tracking System commonly known as ATS and Customer Relationship Management System also called CRM. Both these systems together affect the search results of recruiters or sourcers alike.

Hence Bullhorn’s integration with LinkedIn’s Recruiter feature minimises both the recruiter and the sourcers work, making their performance more efficient and cost effective leaving you with most relevant yet accurate results.  The next question that comes to the fore is how does Bullhorn work?

How does Bullhorn work?
When a recruiter or sourcer enters their search, they get a verified list of individuals that are present on LinkedIn.  The integration of both these systems i.e. ATS and CRM, allows LinkedIn Recruiter users to view an individuals LinkedIn records within Bullhorn itself. Why is this so? Well apart from giving accurate results it also checks if the contact number is recorded in the Bullhorn database. Like any other ATS or CRM it too has some features to help you to be productive and thus improve your performance.

Features of Bullhorn

  • The “In Bullhorn” badge feature enables users to view contact records easily and also streamlines the work between the ATS or the CRM product and LinkedIn Recruiter.
  • The work – flow is stream lined by the “In Bullhorn” badge which significantly improves ones productivity.
  • With verified contacts, recruiters can now make right placements faster and it also improves their ATS quality simultaneously.
  • The integration of Bullhorn with LinkedIn Recruiter merges both individual databases resulting in the delivery of up to date information about the records of the people in the database.
  • In future any in-mails and notes sent via LinkedIn will be visible in the Bullhorn ATS/CRM that will improve the quality of an agency’s applicant base.

Due to these remarkable features and Bullhorn’s two system integration of ATS and CRM with LinkedIn Recruiter; recruiting has been simplified to a great extent.  A recruiter’s task has been reduced resulting in accurate and relevant applicants with the right calibre. With the help of Bullhorn, recruiters are able to fill positions with suitable candidates faster. Hence, the task that was monotonous earlier is now more fun due to the quality of the results received from Bullhorn’s Integration with LinkedIn Recruiter.


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