Must Have Mobile Apps for Every Recruiter

The recruiting profession over the years has evolved in order to meet the changing times. At first newspaper ads used to be the way job seekers went about getting employed, then came the internet which simplified the job hunt further. With job portals mushrooming rapidly, the traditional ways took a back seat. Then social networking sites became an alternative to seek employment. Now we have mobile phones to speed up the tedious process of sourcing. And mobile apps have paved the way to effective recruiting. So, if you haven’t already downloaded these apps, it’s probably high time that you had. So here’s a list of apps that will benefit you as a recruiter.

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LinkedIn Recruiter
Most individuals have a LinkedIn account, so it would be wise to get this app because it offers you the key Desktop Recruiter feature on your iPhone or Android. Apart from this it also has other features to offer its users:

  • One can see full LinkedIn profiles including the ones that aren’t in your network
  • Contact with members is possible via InMail (attachments included), email, text and Phone and even make notes during calls
  • Real time alerts are displayed letting you know when a candidate has responded to you messages
  • There are real time updates on job applications, saved search results, hiring manager’s reviews including any updates on the candidate’s profile that you follow
  • Save candidate profiles to project folders, add notes and to view records of your teams activity on these projects
  • LinkedIn’s integration with Bullhorn enables recruiters to view if the candidate’s profile has a contact record on Bullhorn

Is a tool by HubSpot with the feature that allows you to track and see who is opening your email, when and from where are they doing so. It also informs you when someone opens a link in your email. The benefits of knowing who has opened your emails, when and where are self- explanatory as it gives you some direction to move forward.

It is a Google instant messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos and videos with just one person or a group all at once.

  • It allows you to send and receive both Hangout and SMS or MMS text messages.  Messages sent in both kinds to the same recipient are merged into a single conversation and sent
  • Let’s you to interact with at least 10 individuals in a Hangout group or MMS conversations
  • Can turn any conversation into a free video call up to 10 people
  • You get real time notifications
  • You can connect with friends using  Desktop computers and not just other mobile devices
  • Sharing Google Maps locations and  Google people contacts is faster and easier
  • Sending  offline messages is also possible
  • Organizing meetings is easier due to Google Maps sharing

It helps you remember everything you need to across all the devices you use; to function efficiently. In addition to this there are some other features that might interest you.

  • You can create and edit text notes, to – do lists and research notes
  • Scans, saves and digitalizes business cards. With its latest integration with LinkedIn you can even add notes to the business cards with updated information about the contact
  • Records voice and audio notes
  • To enable text search within images it digitalizes documents, Post – it notes, audio recordings and business cards.
  • You can Share notes with colleagues on Facebook and Twitter
  • Scanning C.V. and Business cards on the go is possible
  • Recorded audio of interviews helps you scan candidates easily

These are some useful mobile apps that most recruiters can benefit from and thus work efficiently. As we come across more apps that can speed up the process of sourcing we will add them to this list. So stay tuned for more apps that are cost effective and that improve sourcing candidates.


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