Characteristics of a Good Sourcer

If you are of the impression that Recruiting is the right field for you, you should probably invest time to gather information about the profession beginning with the desirable characteristics that a good Sourcer should possess. Recruitment though being a popular career choice for most individuals isn’t as easy as people portray it to be. If one is to be successful as a Sourcer it is essential that they have the traits that the profile requires.GoodSourcer

Effective Sourcing

With the advent of the Information Technology Age, another important skill that tops the charts is ones sourcing skills with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Being able to use Boolean Search Strings or Operations while conducting a Google Search or searches specific to the various Social Media, tends to reduce ones work considerably and simultaneously boost’s the accuracy of the leads generated. This speeds up the process of recruitment resulting in a comprehensive pool of candidates with the desired caliber.

If you thought that creativity is not as important as networking, you are mistaken. Because before you even begin networking, your creativity comes into play. As you have to create a job posting where the content to some extent determines the candidates you get. Here you also need to know which keywords to enter into the content to get optimum results.  Apart from this it will be an added advantage if you enjoy reading as it improves your vocab thus enabling you to be creative in preparing a job stark.

Great at Networking

As a recruiter you will be dealing with people on a regular basis, hence your people skills will be essential. Since a major part of your role consists of recruiting therefore your networking skills plays an important role. It helps if you are a people’s person, as you will be required to interact with potential employees and generate leads irrespective of the profile vacancy. Depending upon the frequency of the companies requirements the number of leads generated will change. So having a network that you can rely on can make a big difference to the number of recruits you get.

Marketing and Influencing

If you are good at marketing it helps in the branding of the company for which you are hiring. As a representative of the company, it is essential that potential employees develop a positive attitude towards the company. This will boost the number of applicants the company receives for the desired posts. Once you have a good pool of candidates to choose from then your influencing skills comes into play. You should be able to convince the candidate to join the company by bearing in mind the needs of both the company and the candidate.

Be Organized

Even though the major part of the job profile comprises of Sourcing suitable candidates there are other responsibilities that limit the time spent on recruiting. That is why if one is organized it assists the performance thus ensuring that all the deadlines and targets are met. It also takes care of unexpected tasks that pop up due to the requirements of the company. Not only does it give you a schedule to follow but also helps you to shuffle tasks based on the company’s requirements.
Some other essential qualities that can separate you from the rest are resilience, perseverance and persistence; even when you lose candidates to another company or find it difficult to capture the candidate with the required caliber or your attempts haven’t been as fruitful as you’d hoped they would. And even if you are short on the required tools you should, “Pull yourself together and use what you have.”  – Betsy Cañas Garmon.


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