A Recruiters Sourcing Toolkit

In a technology driven age knowledge about social media is absolutely essential for recruiters. It is the In thing with modern Sourcers today. So how can we obtain better results from our searches without equipping ourselves with the necessary tools to perform efficiently and effectively as recruiters?  So let’s find out which tools can speed up the entire process of recruitment.Tracking email toolsIf recruiters are aware of who and when they have seen their emails, that helps recruiters to narrow down the candidates that are interested in the job profile. Based on this there are a few handy tools that assist recruiters to do just that.blog

Signals is a feature introduced by Hubspot. It helps you to track who is opening your emails and when, thus enabling you to work on the go. It even notifies you, where, when and how many times someone has opened your email and also lets you know how many times they have clicked on a link in your email as well.Yesware

It is a free email plugin for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, here your can customize templates and CRM integrations. You can also see which emails are opened when. The template feature allows you to send similar emails on a regular basis thus speeding up the monotonous work. It also enables you to sync with your CRM


If you find switching back and forth from your CRM and Inbox a task then steak is your permanent solution. As it allows you to shuffle from one to the other. Apart from this it also helps you track the emails sent between your team, send group emails from a customer to a deal, keep track of information shared, notes and details of your customers too.

Advanced Job Search Tool

Indeed.com’s Advanced Job Search Tool besides serving the purpose of recruiting can also help you track down your competitors and gain insights on things like salary and the roles that the biggest employers are looking for. Here’s how it works:

• You just need go to Indeed.com

• Click the ‘Advance Job Search Tool’ and do a Boolean String search

• When you click ‘Find Jobs’ you will get a list of all the available jobs including categories like ‘Salary estimate’, ‘ Title’, ‘Company’, ‘Location’ and ‘Job type’ on the left hand side.

This information can improve the job ads making them more informative and improve the content of your job ad as you come across job ads of other companies.

Buffer Apps

It is an automated social posting application that allows you to post and tweet job ads at a predetermined date and time that on a general basis you wouldn’t be able to. For instance to get candidates after office hours is possible with Buffer. This feature allows you to customize the time and date to one that has been most effective in your experience. It enables you to instantly post web page content like (job spec or blog) to your social connections with just one click.

Boomerang for Gmail

Just like the Buffer App takes care of your posts so also your emails can be scheduled to arrive at a predetermined time and date. You can write your emails now but schedule them to be sent at a predetermined time. Not only can you postpone incoming emails that make it disappear into specific folders or by labelling them but also helps you to focus on the most important mails. You can also do away with unimportant emails and schedule them at a time that you are free to run through them. You are even alerted when a person hasn’t read your email this is an added feature that is available only on Boomerang.


360social.me is a social profile aggregation tool that collects information about the person you are interacting with via the web to create a comprehensive picture of that person via emails or social networks. This information is then displayed by condensing it onto a simple side bar. Put simply it gathers information about the person the moment you type in their email address in the ‘to’ box of a blank email or if you visit their Twitter Profile.

These are some of the tools that have proved useful for most individuals into the recruiting business including Recruiters, Sourcers, Researchers, HR Professionals, Directors and Hiring mangers as well. These are but a few tools, so if you have any to add; do let us know via comments.


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